Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate Practice

The Peck Law Firm represents North Carolina LLC's, Corporations, and individual investors on the buying, leasing, and selling of all types of commercial real estate assets in Raleigh, the Research Triangle, and throughout the state of North Carolina. Our real estate counsel includes the structuring, documentation, due diligence, financing, and the advice and planning attendant to commercial real estate transactions. Our attorneys have handled an extraordinary number of commercial transactions for clients, from the most basic to the extremely complex. We also represent entrepreneurs, developers and contractors involved in residential, commercial, industrial and entertainment-based real estate construction opportunities. Our firm is very accomplished in structuring land acquisition agreements, as well as preparing and negotiating construction, design-build, and leasing agreements.


The Peck Law Firm has extensive experience representing both landlords and tenants in all manners of leases in Raleigh and the Research Triangle area, from space leases to ground leases, office leases to industrial leases. We have negotiated with or on behalf of small private parties as well as large, strong credit national tenants. We are experienced in single tenant leases and leasing of properties involving multiple uses. For commercial landlords, we prepare strong and enforceable lease agreements. For commercial tenants, we advise them on the benefits of incorporating or creating an LLC for the transaction, we share our substantial knowledge to ensure that clients understand the many risks associated with the proposed terms and conditions of complex lease agreements, and we apply our experience to negotiate with national landlords, typically resulting in a more balanced lease with less risk to the tenant.


Virtually all real estate efforts require financing of some type. The Peck Law Firm is routinely involved in structuring, negotiating and documenting all types of financing for our real estate clientele, from traditional bank debt to more complex private funding structures. We have successfully negotiated numerous forms of non-traditional financing arrangements, including sales and revenue generating incentives to joint venture structures which blend equity and debt arrangements between private party investors.

The Peck Law Firm also frequently acts as counsel to lenders in loan situations. We represent various lenders, both institutional and private, in connection with the documentation, analysis and due diligence attendant to real estate and commercial loans. We offer clients the opportunity to utilize our firms resources: (i) to structure and document loan transactions of all sizes and types, from the commitment through the closing; (ii) to provide a complete due diligence review regarding various collateral types and issues; and (iii) to analyze the structure and authority of the borrowing entity. As legal counsel, we have the flexibility to offer clients the opportunity to retain our firm for only certain portions of a lending transaction, such as to review bank form documentation, or to address specific issues for a particular loan.